(M2O) Amendment

(M2O) Amendment

Marathon2Operation Project (M2O) Amendment

M2O project has been amended recently. The main reason for this amendment has been the impossibility to manage more than 2 Traction Units (TUs) with GSM-R radio. For this reason, the FR8RAIL II tests foreseen for the beginning of 2021, will employ a radio solution based on LTE. Moreover, the Amendment has more clearly distinguished the different responsibilities of FR8RAIL II and M2O Partners for the safety of experimental tests.

Therefore, the M2O is going towards its conclusion: the final event will be held online, and it will be organised by the UIC. A separate communication will follow on this topic.

Main results achieved so far by M2O project are:

About Train simulations: List of trains configurations that are safer than the trains currently operated (D3.1). These DPS trains implement GSM-R radio (relevant up to 2 TUs and 1200 m) and LTE radio (relevant up to 4 TUs and 1500 m). Railway Undertakings can directly compute the economic benefits of these solutions according to their freight traffic.

About Safety analysis: Development of the preliminary hazard analysis for the entire Integrated system, including long freight trains in their operational context and development of the hazard analysis for the specific DPS train implementation (D2.3). Carried out analysis also covers a set of mitigations to operate DPS trains safely.

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