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Radio communication and simulation of train dynamics for Distributed Power within long trains

This project is a step further to implement and to overcome the results of the Marathon project which has shown the feasibility of the long heavy consist created in coupling two trains with distributed traction: one locomotive (Traction Unit) at the head of the train and one other remote controlled in the middle.



Partners of marathon2operation project

Università di Roma Tor Vergata

New Opera uic NIER TUV funkwerk

Work Packages Deliverables

Work Packages

A brief description


Project Management: This WP aims at ensuring strategic and technical, as well as administrative and financial, coordination of the whole project.


System definition to transmit traction and braking commands: This WP specifies the characteristics of the GSM-R, the train makeups, the types of wagons, the parameters variation and establishes all possible operative conditions (included degraded modes). It performs also the sensitivity analysis and a risk assessment based on the relative approach.


Simulation of in-train forces within an integrated safety analysis: This WP integrates the GSM-R radio technology in the existing Traction Unit and Distributed Power System provided by CFM partners; it also perform statistical simulations to set the suitable limits for different train makeups, in terms of hauled mass, wagons characteristics and so on. In this WP, the safety analysis on the two demonstrators identified in cooperation with CFM partners is accomplished.


Preliminary assessment and support for certification: This WP performs the independent safety assessment of the two demonstrators and assesses the compatibility of radio protocols.

Lead: TUV

Dissemination, exploitation of results and Roadmap for implementation: This WP disseminates and communicates the M2O project progresses, results achievements and recommendations, to generate consensus and support building on the introduction into the marketplace of longer and heavier up to 1500m trains.



This section contains information on the most important [M2O] outputs, specifically deliverables, progress summaries and further result documentations. Project outputs will be added to the site as they become available.


[M2O] Integrated Quality and Risk


[M2O] GSM-R or LTE radio, Design solution


[M2O] TrainDy, Sensitivity Analysis


[M2O] Extended results


[M2O] Integrated system, Safety report


[M2O] LTD Simulations Report


[M2O] D3.1 TrainDy Extended Simulations


[M2O] D3.2 Test Demonstrators with DPS, Specific application Safety case


[M2O] D3p3 Test Demonstrators with DPS, LTD simulation report


[M2O] D3p4 GSM-R or LTE radio - Integration -with TU and DPS- report


[M2O] D4p1 Test Demonstrators with DPS Safety assessment report _v1.0


[M2O] Dissemination and Communication Plan


[M2O] D5p2 Dissemination, exploitation and communication report



AIAS2020 - 1-3 September - Virtual Confe…

Simulation of freight trains with up to three traction units in radio communication 2021 AIAS2020 - 1-3 September - Virtual Conference Cantone L.University of Rome Tor Vergata,Dept. of Enterprise Engineering “Mario Lucertini”,Via...

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(M2O) Newsletter, May 2021

Some results of M2O have been presented at EuroBrake 2021 conference on the 18th of May 2021. The results of M2O project have been found very interesting for the applications to...

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DPS, The Way to the Long Train

One train, three locomotives, two controlled remotely by the leading loco – it's all made possible by a Distributed Power System. You can see how this works in the video. https://www.dbcargo.com/rail-de-en/logistics-news/dps-distributed-power-system-the-way-to-the-long-train-6224036

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(M2O) Newsletter, February 2021

Foreword On 18 December 2020, the Final event of the Shift2Rail JU funded IP5 Marathon2Operation Project took place remotely. This event concluded 2 years of exciting work with dedicated partners and...

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Press Release, Friday 18th December 2020

The Shift2Rail JU Marathon2Operation project held its final event on 18 December 2020 remotely. The event was attended by more than 90 participants from 12 European countries. Marathon2Operation is a 2-year...

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(M2O) Newsletter October 2020

Foreword Marathon to Operation (M2O) project has been building on the results of previous FP7project Marathon, followed by DynaFreight and FFL4E S2R projects. M2O collaborated with FR8RAIl II CFM partners project...

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(M2O) Amendment

Marathon2Operation Project (M2O) Amendment M2O project has been amended recently. The main reason for this amendment has been the impossibility to manage more than 2 Traction Units (TUs) with GSM-R radio...

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Shift2Rail awards 19 grants for its Call…

PRESS RELEASEBrussels, 28 July 2020 Shift2Rail awards 19 grants for its Call for Proposals 2020 19 projects worth €147.7 million will be funded under the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking 2020 Call for Proposals...

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Moving around Europe seamlessly

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Keeping industry consortia on the rails

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Shift2Rail October Newsletter

Last chance to take part in the consultation on Europe's rail system Do you know that you can express your opinion on a new European Institutional Partnership for rail research and...

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Shift2Rail are proud partners of Digital Rail Revolution Conference 2019. The conference reunites leading industry professionals from across the globe to embrace insight into the future of rail technology and the present demands facing the industry...

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Register for Innovation in Freight Confe…

First results of M2O will be introduced to the audience of The Innovation in Freight Conference. The Innovation in Freight Conference will take place on 18 June 2019 in Munich...

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New S2R study shows great market potenti…

A new study by Roland Berger on FCH train technology, commissioned by Shift2Rail and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertakings, is just out. The study analyses the state of the...

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Shift2Rail new digital newsletter is now avalable online. You can find it clicking on: https://mailchi.mp/s2r.europa.eu/apply-for-our-2019-call-shift2rail-april-newsletter In order to subscribe to the newsletter, please click on: https://shift2rail.org/e-news/  

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S2R Event: Rail Live!

Shift2Rail is excited to be an official innovation partner of Rail Live! 2019. The conference and the exhibition will showcase the whole range of innovation in the industry including...

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S2R event: Space for Innovation in Rail

The Shift2rail Joint Undertaking, the European Union Agency for Railways, the European GNSS Agency  and the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria are joining forces to organize a one-day event gathering railway main stakeholders...

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TRA 2020 Helsinky – Call for papers

The call for paper submission for TRA2020 is now open. The deadline for papers is April 30th 2019. Authors can submit their papers for two review tracks: 1) journal track and...

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Shift2Rail’s 2019 Information Day: Open …

Where and when it will take place? 
TheS2R 2019 InfoDay will take place at “The square” conference center in Brussels on February 6th 2019. What is it about? Our 2019...

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