Press Release, Friday 18th December 2020

Press Release, Friday 18th December 2020

The Shift2Rail JU Marathon2Operation project held its final event on 18 December 2020 remotely. The event was attended by more than 90 participants from 12 European countries.

Marathon2Operation is a 2-year Shift2Rail project led by the University of Rome Tor Vergata in collaboration with 5 other European Partners: New Opera, the International Union of Railways (UIC), Nier Ingegneria S.p.A., TÜV SÜD and Funkwerk Systems GmbH. M2O is ending in December 2020.

All along the project life, there has been an intensive collaboration with FR8RAIL II project to contribute to Distributed power trains with up to 4 Traction Units (TUs) and up to 1500m length based on GSM-R radio communication and on TrainDy software to ensure the safety of such consists and specifically of the final test campaign of FR8RAIL II. The collaboration with FR8RAIL II was necessary as a Traction unit manufacturer, a braking company and a Railway undertaking were among the partners of FR8RAIL II.

M2O was responsible for the radio communication system, the simulation of the Longitudinal Train Dynamics (LTD) during the operations, the safety analysis of such trains and for the assessment of these studies and of the global consists to be tested during the test campaign of FR8RAIL II.

During the final event the partners of M2O have presented the various steps of their work.

(Press Release, Friday 18th December 2020)

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