(M2O) Newsletter, May 2021

(M2O) Newsletter, May 2021

Some results of M2O have been presented at EuroBrake 2021 conference on the 18th of May 2021.

The results of M2O project have been found very interesting for the applications to rail freight sectors by the session moderators.

The paper synthetizes the results of deliverable 3.3 of M2O.

Hereafter the conclusions of the presentation:

  • Distributed Power System (DPS) always improves the safety of freight trains when the radio communication is available, with respect to Longitudinal Compression Forces (LCF).
  • When there is a radio communication loss, the DPS train is usually better than the reference (REF) train with respect to LCF
  • The scenarios in which this conclusion is not valid involve an initial application of Electro-Dynamic (ED) braking and the radio communication loss.
    • The gradient removal of ED brake is a parameter that affects the LCF.
    • Moreover, these train operations assume the need for a system intervention (e. g. traction removal) only after 2.5 s of radio communication loss. This relatively long-time gap, and additional simulations promised even longer time gaps up to 10s, is promising in terms of a robust train operation without too many system interventions.
    • There is no need to change the TU “status” (whichever traction or braking) because of a short-time communication loss unless a pressure drop is detected in brake pipe.

Link to the EuroBrake 2021 programme: https://fisita-wix.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/promo/EuroBrake-2021-Final-Programme.pdf

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