AIAS2020 - 1-3 September - Virtual Conference

AIAS2020 - 1-3 September - Virtual Conference

Simulation of freight trains with up to three traction units in radio communication

2021 AIAS2020 - 1-3 September - Virtual Conference

Cantone L.
University of Rome Tor Vergata,
Dept. of Enterprise Engineering “Mario Lucertini”,
Via del Politecnico 1, 00133, Rome, Italy


  • SERA: increasing efficiency for freight trains in Europe.
  • OC Marathon2Operation (M2O, H2020 N. 826087) and CFM FR8RAIL II together to demonstrate the feasibility of Distributed Power System (DPS)
    • Simulations, safety and assessment
  • Radio wireless communication, based on GSM-R and LTE (as bridge to future FRMCS standard)
  • TrainDy software, initially developed by the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Faiveley Transport of Italy, from 2007 owned and developed by UIC.
  • Application of Leaflet UIC 421 methodology to demonstrate the safety in terms of in-train forces (stopping distance analysed as well).
    • Comparison of standard and DPS trains performances on level and up/down hill tracks, under different operating conditions.


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